Warner Bros. Gag Animation Drawing - ID: octwarner18247

Warner Bros. Gag Animation Drawing - ID: octwarner18247 Warner Bros.



Image Size: 
9.5" x 12"
Price: $200.00
SKU: octwarner18247

An original drawing created in 1940’s by Don Williams, an animator at Warner Bros. Studios, as a gift for an ink and paint department colleague. Featuring a comical caricature of the recipient traveling with her luggage, as opposed to a passenger compartment, the graphite drawing appears to be a gift for when she left the studio, and bears notations next to some of the other women illustrated, stating that they are leaving as well. Williams worked for Warner Bros. but went on to be a famed animator and performer with Walt Disney Studios, where he also became an original Mouseketeer on the original Mickey Mouse Club television program. Measuring 9.5”x12” overall, with the character image measuring 9.5”x12”.

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