Fantasia Waterfall Pastoral Symphony Concept Painting - ID: decfantasia20149

Fantasia Waterfall Pastoral Symphony Concept Painting - ID: decfantasia20149 Walt Disney



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A background concept painting from the Disney Studios animated musical masterpiece, "Fantasia" (1940). Featuring a gorgeous rendering of a waterfall, the painting was created at the studio and used during the early development process. This piece was likely used for the "Pastoral Symphony" sequence of the film. Concepts like these were extremely useful to animators who had to build a world for their characters to engage and interact with. For camera angles and color reference, these concepts are crucial to the animation process. Measuring 6.25"x7.5" overall, with the image itself measuring 4.5"x6", the painting is in very good condition with pin holes around the edges due to studio use, page discoloration, and tape residue along the top and bottom edges.

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