Rugrats Production Cel & Background - ID: janrugrats3160

Rugrats Production Cel & Background - ID: janrugrats3160 Nickelodeon


Image Size: 
10" x 24"
Price: $200.00
SKU: janrugrats3160_

This is an original production cel set-up from the Nickelodeon / Klasky Csupo Studios animated series, Rugrats. The hand-painted image features Tommy, Phil, and Lil and was created and used during the production of an episode in the series. The set-up features the characters on hand-painted cel layers and a background that is also a hand-painted cel layer. We've offset the registration of the character cels to prevent the character images from overlapping. The overall set-up measures 11" x 27" and the image measures 10" x 24". The matching background layout drawing is also included with this piece.

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