Disneyland New Orleans Square One-Of-A-Kind Shop German "Invalid Feeder" (c.1900) - ID: may23747

Disneyland New Orleans Square One-Of-A-Kind Shop German "Invalid Feeder" (c.1900) - ID: may23747 Disneyana



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A souvenir invalid feeder from the Disneyland Resort's One-Of-A-Kind shop once located in New Orleans Square. Nothing captures the magical memories of a trip to Disneyland better than antique housewares from the One-Of-A-Kind shop. The invalid feeder is an exceptional souvenir reimagining the small drinking implement created in the early 1900s or earlier and used primarily before the invention of straws, but now presented as a decorative ceramic object ready to adorn your Disneyland collection shelf. The piece was found in Germany and brought to the park's unique shop before being sold in the 1980s. Measuring 6.5"x2.5" and 2.5" tall, the ceramic utensil is in very good condition with minor surface wear and a small crack at the base of the handle.

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